Cannabis Sleeping Problems – Curing Marijuana Withdrawal Induced Sleep Disruption


Often when I engage with clients wanting to stop using cannabis products that they enhance the topic of just how to achieve a proper nights rest without smoking their regular pre-bedtime’joint’. Oftentimes there are signs to suggest that the gloomy atmosphere arising out of sleep deprivation serves as the catalyst for relapse. So that the question for individuals desperate to smooth the passage to becoming with a dependence on marijuana would be: What might be done to find that wonderful night’s sleep that seems so evasive?

– Anyone that has been during in  a time in their life once they have experienced insomnia will vouch regarding effect that it has on a person’s overall wellbeing. It’s simple to imagine so the higher impact that fitful sleep routines have on people also suffering from many other consequences arising when breaking away from a reliance on cannabis. In my clinic as a Cannabis Cessation Specialist the first step is really to know in each unique case to what ratio that the problems are physical versus emotional.

Bob’s attempt to stop smoking without adjusting his evening caffeine intake leaves him with a largely physical reason behind his insomnia.

In yet another instance’Tony’ has become accustomed to using cannabis in the evenings like a way of expelling the enormous stress he feels whilst performing his job as a Stockbroker. If he does not smoke in the day his anxiety amounts grow to this height which dispelling active thoughts associated with work becomes impossible, as does subsequently sleep.

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